Dion Phoenix’s building construction teams share a common goal – to create a built environment that enhances people’s lives. We are well known for constructing elegant structures that perform to the highest standards, creating lasting value for asset owners.

Our collaborative approach through early design involvement, engineering expertise and integrated delivery ensures we are able to complete complex projects to exacting time, cost and quality standards, safely and sustainably.
Across key business sectors we design, procure, manage, construct, refurbish and maintain commercial offices, data centres, industrial facilities and science and research centres.

We provide engineering, construction, project management and operational maintenance services for Lifestyle markets covering hotels, residential, retail, sports and leisure in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Many developments - such as sporting stadia or convention centers - attract intense public scrutiny. Clients need to know they are working with a partner who will protect their reputation through flawless delivery to often immovable deadlines. We understand the multiple functions these facilities have to serve and we apply our in-depth knowledge of complex sports and multi-purpose venues to maximize return on the clients’ investments.

We are a leading supplier of Social Infrastructure for governments and private-sector clients.
Our presence in the education sector is particularly strong. We understand the need for early collaboration with all stakeholders to balance the interests between creating an inspiring learning environment, while maximizing the capital investment.
Our leading Building Information Modeling and offsite manufacturing capabilities enable faster construction and greater standardization of core components - essential to meeting the demands of Governments striving to deliver schools and hospitals faster, better, for less, while ensuring the durability of such heavily utilized facilities over their lifetime.
We are increasingly recognized as the preferred delivery partner for the defense and law and order sectors, with a proven capacity to meet the exacting quality and security specifications demanded by the armed forces and judicial services. Our portfolio ranges from maximum security military communications and intelligence facilities to courthouses, prisons and law enforcement projects. Our track record to date demonstrates our capabilities to manage the construction and commissioning of fully operational and secure facilities, optimizing innovative pre-assembly solutions to overcome complicated security challenges.