Dion Phoenix is at the forefront of the design and delivery of power infrastructure in the Netherlands and Germany.
We have industry-leading expertise in all facets of engineering in nuclear, thermal and renewable power generation.

In addition to our engineering, procurement and construction offering, we have the skills to modularize major aspects of a power project, delivering tangible benefits in both delivery and operational phases. With the new nuclear program high on the European agenda, we are working with governments, energy producers and prospective partners to design, deliver and maintain the next generation energy fleet.

Dion Phoenix has extensive experience of building gas and coal-fired thermal generating capacity in the Netherlands and Germany. We can provide a full lifecycle service offering in project management, digital modeling, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning services necessary to provide our clients with certainty of outcome.
Dion Phoenix also has expertise as a supplier of power transmission and distribution networks to the power supply industry. Our infrastructure expertise covers design, construction, maintenance and supply of overhead transmission lines and underground cabling.

Renewable energy is expected to make a significant contribution to global energy generation, and is increasingly forming an important element of the overall energy generation mix.
Dion Phoenix has a growing capability in renewable and alternative sources such as wind, hydro-powered, solar and next-generation bio-fuels. Through our Engineering Excellence Group we are acquiring a deep understanding of the complexities inherent in any renewable energy project, and can deliver the innovative solutions to maximize the investment returns to clients.