The Dion Phoenix General Business Principles guide our actions and decisions around the world. These principles are summarized in the areas below.

We perform business in an honest and responsible way, working to the highest professional standards.
Our goal is to conduct business in an honest and transparent manner. Our commitment to integrity determines the way we do business and how we treat our staff.

Respect for local laws and cultures
We comply with national laws and respect the cultures of the countries in which we operate. We support the principles of free enterprise and fair competition and observe applicable laws and regulations. We promote, defend and support our legitimate business interests with due regard to the law and the interests of society.

Value for customers
We are a reliable partner for our clients and aim to carry out our services without jeopardizing the interests of society, employees and shareholders. We offer services under terms that do not compromise our independent professional judgment and aim to create optimal value for clients. We focus on continuously improving our services through investment in our knowledge base and the development of employee competencies. We are transparent with clients about conflicts of interest that could emerge during the execution of our services.

Responsible employment practices
We value our employees as a key resource. We encourage employee engagement and support personal development through comprehensive policies and initiatives. Every Dion Phoenix employee has an equal opportunity for personal recognition, advancement, career development and compensation, regardless of background or beliefs. The same policy applies to recruitment. No form of discrimination or harassment is tolerated. We strive to ensure fundamental human rights are respected throughout our operations worldwide.

Make safety personal and work responsibly
Working safely and in a responsible manner constitutes our license to do business. Everything we do is dependent on the safety of our workforce and the communities in which we operate. We are absolutely committed to delivering projects safely wherever we work in the world, and in doing so, safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Lead by example
Engineering and constructing a fit-for-purpose built environment is a complex challenge. Achieving the best results requires vision and the courage to face difficulty, speak up and stand by what we believe. We always strive to do the right thing. We explore new ways of thinking and are unafraid to ask for help. We are honest with ourselves and actively seek feedback from others. We want to create an enduring legacy for future generations.

Work as one team, listen to everyone
We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and that more can be achieved as a united team than as a disparate group of individuals. We achieve greater success when we collaborate as a business and an industry. We put the team ahead of our personal success and commit to building its capability.

Find or follow a better way
We believe the industry needs to seize the opportunity to be more radical and innovative. This will place greater emphasis on a more talented workforce, adopting new and better approaches to engineering and construction. We embrace this challenge by constantly striving to solve challenges through devising smarter engineering solutions that give Dion Phoenix competitive edge and over time, drive industry-wide transformation.

Deliver on our promises, aim to exceed
We trust each other to deliver on our respective promises. We work in a challenging and potentially hazardous business, and are committed to excellence plus in everything we do through the systematic and disciplined management of our operations. We live by the rules and standards we set for our company. We commit to quality outcomes for our clients, continually learn and improve what we do and if something is not right, we fix it.

Collaborate with Clients and Partners
We secure and sustain client relationships by developing and providing highly engineered construction solutions which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact, which are supported by the requisite technological, commercial and operational expertise. We also seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures to promote smarter engineering and construction methodologies that continually improve the built environment.