We fund, design, manufacture, construct and maintain the built environment. Providing the facilities to accommodate, educate, employ, transport, care for and sustain communities.

Dion Phoenix has been delivering sustainable, high-performance engineering and construction services for over a long period. Our multi-disciplined network of professional engineers can design, contract and supervise engineering projects in the public and private sectors globally.

Faced with unprecedented economic, social and technological change governments and organizations are challenging the construction industry to deliver higher quality, smarter solutions, faster and more cost-effectively.
We have considerable knowledge and experience in meeting the multi-faceted business needs of our clients across major sectors covering residential, commercial, mixed-use, schools, hospitals, water, transport, oil & gas, mining and materials handling, and power.

Dion Phoenix’s vast experience in residential, commercial and industrial construction has been instrumental in the successful completion of thousands of projects. Construction excellence is what we do best, bringing our ingenuity, expertise and experienced teams of engineering and construction professionals to bear for the benefit of the project.

Our construction services comprise the full range of building and refurbishment activities, providing a complete project delivery solution that radically reduces interface risk. Capabilities include ‘buildability’ studies, remediation and enabling works, logistics management, integrated construction delivery, building technologies installation and testing and commissioning of major building projects.

Dion Phoenix’s interiors & refurbishment teams deliver award-winning refurbishment, restoration, and fit-out projects across all sectors throughout the world.
Our projects include soft refurbishments of single rooms, complete bespoke fit out of buildings, heavy structural alterations and decommissioning of vacated spaces. From the straight forward to the complex, we consistently deliver the highest quality.
We work collaboratively with owners, developers, and occupiers spanning a broad range of industries in both the public and private sectors.
Our integrated capabilities enable us to offer our customers a holistic solution which includes not only technical expertise, but design and environmental advice that delivers sustainable benefits.
Whether transforming tired and ineffective spaces, restoring classical buildings or responding to wider corporate objectives, our flexibility, innovation and understanding of our customers’ individual needs ensures that we create solutions that inspire.

With a steadily rising global population, associated demographic shifts, and the environmental impacts of resource consumption increasing exponentially, existing infrastructure is being pushed to its very limits. There is now a greater demand than ever before for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the growing demands of industrialized and developing nations.
Dion Phoenix’s infrastructure businesses offer the full range of specialist engineering, construction and asset management expertise on major projects.
Our core strength lies in our ability to mobilize our extensive global resources to manage project execution across every phase of the project lifecycle.

Designing and constructing vital building and infrastructure for our clients gives us a unique insight into the ongoing operations and maintenance requirements. We are increasingly helping our clients maximize the value they generate from their assets through the provision of facilities management, upgrades and refurbishments and selective aftercare services.